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Who Is Neil Emmett?

I spend most of my time in digital marketing creating social media campaigns, optimizing for search, and Pay Per Click. In my free time, I like to test, build, and write on developments in Artificial Intelligence. In particular Alexa Skills and Google Home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the marketing that I do tends to focus on digital content. I’m a big fan of large-scale influencer-marketing, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and Search Engine Optimization. I like finding new ways to take existing content and methods that exist on the web and improve on them. For example, I might take a blog piece I find online that I think is doing well, break down each of its elements, and develop better content that is easier for the user to read. I also experiment with new platforms and platforms that users haven’t recently found marketing methods for. For example, I’ve tested using Tinder Online vs. using the Phone-version to see which results in more estimated impressions.  I like to make sure the end-user has a good experience. 

The purpose of this blog is to discuss emerging voice artificial intelligence. I think over the next 20 years there will be an increase in the number of people using voice in their homes. I think it’s important to develop effective solutions through voice to make peoples lives easier. At some point, I’d like to develop an Alexa Skill that will help people to place orders and ask restaurants questions. 

I typically like to put up one post every 2-weeks or so. Most of my content I like to keep high-quality so it can sometimes take up to a month to make sure I get you the best content.

Currently, I live in Charlotte, NC. No real plans to live anywhere else unless it’s in Europe.

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